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Transferring Flight Schools And Training Options

Wed Feb 28, 2007 4:58 pm

Currently I am at Kent State working on my instrument rating, I am a full Flight Tech major, which means I've already taken (and spent money on) a lot of aviation course credits. However, I do not think the aviation department can support the number of students in it now or in the future, almost of all of our MEIs and CFIIs have been hired by express jet in the last month, and the people up top are threatening to start failing us in our flight courses, if we do not finish certificates and ratings in the semester, as to not lose our 141 status. How we can do that without instructors, working airplanes, decent weather (NE Ohio) or availability of check instructors, I have no idea (I know I'll be working on instrument well into summer). This leaves me with transferring; I'm sitting on a 3.2 and will be junior status at the end of this semester. My question is how much of a pain will it to be to transfer to any other college program, UND, Western... on down to schools the size of Kent and Ohio State, if it's even possible.

Also at this point to be quite honest I'm a little bit frustrated (I have 32k in total to work with but at this rate, its being flushed down the toilet), and am really weighing the military option. At 20, with a 3.2 are there any decent options ? (I realize how much work it'll take to get a flight slot, but I'm really just looking for ideas).

I hate to bring such a specific question up, but I seriously doubt other people will have better factual information/ideas from a variety of schools than you guys, so thanks in advance to whoever replies. Flight 152 feel free to jump in and tell me whether I'm jumping the gun or not.

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RE: Transferring Flight Schools And Training Options

Wed Feb 28, 2007 6:49 pm

If you are interested in Purdue, click the link below, call Rose or Brad, and ask them your questions. I don't know what the price comparison's between the different schools are, but there are a lot of Purdue pilots in our industry.

I know it may be a little farther from Ohio, but I also have a few friends that have gone through the program at Kansas State in Salina. I'm not as familiar with the K-State program, so I don't have a good contact.
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RE: Transferring Flight Schools And Training Options

Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:49 am

Another option is to check out across the state at BGSU. I know a bunch of grads from that school and they all said that it was a great flight school. You will just have to call and ask about transfer of credits, but I cannot imagine them not transferring.

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RE: Transferring Flight Schools And Training Options

Thu Mar 01, 2007 7:14 am

I wouldn't go for UND - their program is set up very well for people who have no or little time, but transfers are going to find it very hard to work their way in. But you could always give them a call and ask.

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