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787 Payload/range Charts

Mon Mar 26, 2007 3:38 am

The boeing website has indicated that 787 payload/range charts would be forthcoming for a long time.

Does anyone know when estimates will be published?
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RE: 787 Payload/range Charts

Wed Mar 28, 2007 2:37 am

They were supposed to be out by now, but it's looking like they won't be out until the plane rolls out. The most accurate data I have is for the -3 and -8 and is as follows:

For the -3, 3,500nm range with 280 pax and a total 100k payload from 6,400' of runway.

For the -8, 100,000lb max payload with 5,500nm range from a 9,200' runway with no obstructions using a standard engine. The runway length is reduced to about 8,400' with a slightly higher thrust option and 7,600' with 72,000lbs of thrust. For 8,500nm range, you can carry 187 pax plus 30,000 lbs of cargo from the same runway lengths, the tradeoff is payload in exchange for fuel.

There has been no specific data for the 787-9, but a standard 10,000' runway at full payload target has been constant. No high thrust data has been provided.

Landing distances for the -3 and -8 are the same, 5,000' for a dry runway and 5,600' for a wet runway. The -9 is 6,000' and 6'400' respectively.

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