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Expected Operating Data 747-8i V 747 400

Wed May 09, 2007 1:10 am

In topic Range Of SQ's 777-300ER (by Zvezda May 4 2007 in Civil Aviation)
Widebodyphotog in reply 57, posted quote........ Most 747-400's in service have operational OEW's in the range of 415-430,000lbs and MZFW of 535,000, 542,500, or 565,000lbs as the high option. Most of the ships operating in the world at this point use the 535,000lb option. Using simple math, operational max structural payload comes out to 105-120,000lbs which is much lower than the 777-300ER operational max structural payload of 135-140,000lbs...For SIN-CDG a typical 747-400 is limited to a ZFW of 519-520,000lbs (can be greater or lower with season) and would thus be only to manage a high average of about 105,000lbs.
Based on the preliminary data for the 747-8i what is a reasonable expectation for this type when compared to the operating data as given above for the 747-400 ?
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RE: Expected Operating Data 747-8i V 747 400

Thu May 10, 2007 1:46 pm

Quoting SunriseValley (Thread starter):
For SIN-CDG a typical 747-400 is limited to a ZFW of 519-520,000lbs

SIN-CDG is almost 6700 nmi via great circle. The payload-range chart of the 747-400 indicates a ZFW of ~500 klbs for still air conditions. If airline OEW is 415-430 klbs, that leaves 70-85 klbs of payload, not 105 klbs. The payload would be about 105 klbs only at Boeing's OEW.

Looking at the payload-range chart, the 748 would carry ~150 klbs of payload, assuming the Boeing OEW and still air conditions. Correspondingly less if the operational OEW is greater or if there is any headwind... using the same 15-30 klbs premium over Boeing's OEW, that gives you a realistic still-air payload of 120-135 klbs.

I'm just grabbing Boeing's numbers and turning the crank.

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