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Pilots: PLS Help! Aircraft Automation (for Essay)

Fri Jun 29, 2007 11:06 am

Hi everyone,

This question is mostly for the pilots flying the new generation planes. Opinions of others are also welcome but I want to keep this as "real" as possible as opposed to having someone's theoretical opinion.

I am writing an essay regarding Automation and the impact (both possitive and negative) on pilot skills / decision making and of course flight safety. How did this change affect you? I don't need "pros" and "cons" in general, because I already have that, but I would like to know how these new planes personally affected you as a pilot.

Thank you very much for your help,


Vio Ludusan
Calgary, AB

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RE: Pilots: PLS Help! Aircraft Automation (for Essay)

Fri Jun 29, 2007 10:03 pm

1/- Start with how automation killed the radio operator, the navigator and the flight engineer.
2/- Our job changed into a lot more of systems /Nav management than pure flying skills
3/- How it allowed precise navigation, hence economy, efficient fuel management through the FMS and the in-memeory airplane performance - more economy -, more regular flights less prone to weather delays and cancellations (Cat III autolands...), and better use of airspace -RVSM, RNP...etc -...
4/- How it improved maintenance through automatic fault reporting, continuous monitoring of system parameters and hence improved safety.
4/- How it allowed ultra long range flights and ETOPS.

That's the generalities. For particulars, go to the site of the Bielefeld University, as they have had for a good ten years a constant watch on automated systems. I'll provide the link if necessary.
And finally, ask precise questions on the aspects (there are probably more, it just depends on one's personal definitions ), and there will be enough specialists to provide the answers.

Bon courage !

P.S : I can even provide you with an immediate url...Peter Ladkin is a favourite of mine. Do not fail to check the RISK pages they include in their links, as it is, to me a novel and thorough scientific way of solving systems' incidents.
Here it is :

Abstracts of References and incidents
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