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Help With LH Flight Questions

Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:34 pm

Hey Aviation gurus!  Smile

Im writing to you becasue I want to ask a few technical questions. Next month I will be travelling to FRANKFURT from ccs. So i have few questions.

•The LH web page sais A343, any chances for A346?

•In the seat maps for A340 tehre are various configurations, if in the flight schedule it sais 343, is it 343 or does it reffer only to A340, cause there is 34P, 34V, etc.

•Are there any new A343's with new Economy class seats? if so, any pics?

• can any one help with an email to cotnact someone directly from LH public relations to ask a few questions? Because the we page email take ages and I have never gotten a reply from LH people.
•I want to cotnact them regarding a report I want to do about LH for a magazine i work for and a few techinical helps for my flight etc

• Any email to contact LH technick people?

I hope any one can help me out! thankyou very much!

Stefano Rota

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