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A/C Type Grouped In Specific Bases

Tue Aug 07, 2007 6:21 pm

How does it work with a/c base assignements?
Do airlines assign a group of a/c to a specific base?
LH in MUC: Are the Airbus 343 flying from MUC always the same or they just rotate them on FRA, MUC, etc without a specific criteria?

Do you think LH will ever base a 747 in MUC or what we'll get will be an increase of 346 and concentration of all 747 ops in FRA?
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RE: A/C Type Grouped In Specific Bases

Tue Aug 07, 2007 8:24 pm

Although i am not an expert in that category, i'll take a stab at it. im sure one of th experts ere will fill you in...

With any airline with more than one base, the aircraft are assainged to a base as per route demand, length, and other criteria. for example, (i dont know too much about LH, so this is just an example) the routes out of MUC may not be able to support 747 service. here in BOS, we get daily LH flights to MUC and FRA. FRA is served by a 744 flight and an A330 flight, while MUC is served by a single A343, because MUC cannot support 744 service from BOS. the demand is not high enough.

passenger demand i believe is one of the leading factors in the base assainment. as far as switching a base for an aircraft like the scenerio you mentioned, it would only happen if the ends justified the means. all 747 rated crew in FRA would have to tranfer to MUC.

Its a very complicated issue, but the basics are essentially:

passenger demand
distance vs. load factor, cargo, and fuel
effiecincy of the aircraft for that particular route
crew availability
compatibiltiy of the aircraft with the airport

hope i got it in the ballpark!


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