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Fra 4th Rwy Question

Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:20 am


at the moment I'm checking out the expansion plans for Frankfurt Airport (specially 4th runway (northwest) and T3).

So the facts for the new runway, if they are gonna build it are: length of 2800 meter, distance to rwy 07L/25R (northern runway) is 1400 meter.
My first question: The Fra Homepage says, that parallel approaches are only possible on northwest and the existing southern runway (07R/25L). What I heard is, that the minimum distance to do simultaneous approaches is 1080 meters. So, if that is true, why does the Fra homepage say that it is not possible to do simultaneous landing on the northwest rwy and 07L/25R?
Second question: Do you think that 2800 meter is long enough (largest aircraft that can touch down on it is an A346)? In my opinion it is long enough, because there are 07L/25R and 07R/25L with 4000 meter each, available, to get the 744s, 748s and 380s down.

3rd question: Is the excisting 07L/25R going to become 07C/25C and the northwest runway going to become 07L/25R?

And the 4th question: If T3 and the northwest runway are build up and integrated into the system, is it possible for the atc to give those aircrafts that need to go to T3 approach only to the southern runway (07R/25L), so that an aircraft that has to go to T3 and has touched down on the northwest rwy does not have to cross one bridge and two runways (long taxi).

And the 5th question: If you look into the future, when a 5th runway will be necessary, where would it make sence, to build it? I already thought about an additional to the existing parallel runways, but on the other side of T3. However, depending from which side aircrafts are approaching, they might get into trouble with starting aircrafts on 18 west.

Thanks for your interest and replies

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