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Very Steep Turns Climbig Out Of PUJ.

Thu Jun 12, 2008 7:40 pm

So, I just remembered something that struck me as a bit odd last time I flew out of PUJ. Mind you, it´s not like I go there every year - I wish - but it was my second time, so at least I have a take off to compare this one against.

We took off using rwy 09. While climbing, I would say about two minutes after take off we iniciated a rather steep turn to the right. I am by no means familiar with this airport´s SID, so I don´t know what a "routine" take off would be like. However, whilst in the middle of the turn, I had a look at the left wing and saw both the inboard and the outboard ( we were on a 747-200 ) go up big time. I remember thinking "Wow, this is going to be fun", but by the time I finished thinking the plane was banking heavily to the left.

I´ve taken off out of a few airports by now, and I have had my share of smooth, not so smooth and steep turns. What did surprise me about this one was the suddenness of it. Going from seeing nothing but the blue sky one second to nothing but the blue sea the next one shocked me a bit - and put a bit of a scared smirk on more than a face. Disclaimer: "one second" is just a figure of speech, I don´t know the exact transition time from turning right to turning left. What I am sure about is that is was very quick. Much quicker than I´ve ever experienced.  Smile

Being this airport - this is a plain assumption based on what I saw - not a very busy one, ie not a lot of planes hoovering above it waiting for a chance to land, can you think of a reason for such a maneuver?

Thank you.  Smile

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