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LP Approaches

Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:07 pm

Just wanted to ask something about the new LP approaches just added in the last 2008 FAR/AIM revision.

The new LP(Lateral Precision) approaches for the RNAV(GPS) approaches are going to allow for lower minimums for planes that have WAAS/LPV capability over having to fly LNAV MDA when LPV can't be obtained. The update to TERPS for this approach is for airports that can't meet the OCS(obstacle clearance surface) or ROC(required obstacle clearance) for an APV(approach w/ vertical guidance) for both the approach and missed approach segments. So they put this new approach in to let WAAS planes take the LPV LOC like precision and lower the minimums v. the LNAV MDA ones.

Now my question is.........
What will happen to all the WAAS planes already out there. IE, will there be a software patch that codes LP into the approach mode annunciator that will actually flag "LP" 2NM outside the FAF. Or will they just leave it LPV and a mental note will need to be made. I sorta only care about Garmin, since I fly G1000 planes and like 4 of them have WAAS.

I see leaving LPV for a LP approach will cause a lot of problems....... it will be just like the Garmin LNAV+V for LNAV MDA using the vertical indications as supplementary, compared to LNAV+VNAV or L+VNAV when the unit is able to do the LNAV/VNAV DA minimums.

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