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707 And Dc8 Handling Problems

Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:34 am

Saw a video on Youtube the other day about a days work for a 707 freighter crew.I must say it was impressive stuff.I remember when the captain pushed the throttles forward for take off.What surprized me was that the FE had to fine tune the throttles so that the rpm was the same for all four before releasing the brakes.How is the engine controls for the 707 and dc8,s contructed?I guess back in these days it wasn,t electronic.I was deeply impressed with the captain on short final who fine tuned them manually with his right hand fingers while concentrating on a crosswind landing.
The DC8 and B707 control colum was very very heavy,I been told.So what kind of servo,s did they have?Is it perhaps only a muscle servo?.With those heavy controls,asymetric thrust problem and the four engines hanging close to the ground,I realy admire the ones who crosswind land those beasts.And it is still alot of these magnificant airmen out there flying the AWACS,Tankers, and freighters.

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