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Looking For A Route/flight Plan: Gatwick-Madeira?

Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:37 am


Apologies if maybe too specific a question but just wanted to try asking if anyone might know where I might be able to find more info etc.

In May this year a flew with my aunt to Madeira (Funchal) from Gatwick, flying with Thomson. From the flight plans I found (from Fs) the route was meant to take a Southampton departure and then fly over France and Portugal a little but from what I remember looking out the window we took off from runway 8R, made the left turn to head west and kept heading west more towards Cornwall and the West coast before heading directly over sea all the way to Madeira.

Was just wondering if anyone else might know this route or have flown it etc. and what routing it might have taken. I'm pretty sure we didn't depart via Southampton but can't find any other SID where the departure is to the West (the KENET SID I think is close but has a turn to the north-west which I'm pretty sure we didn't make).

Also a few years ago we flew to Tampa with British Airways. Again from what I remember the flight took off from 27L and then just flew straight out direct towards Newquay where we started the TransAtlantic crossing. However again I don't think we flew to Southampton (though maybe I'm mistaken) but there doesn't seem to be any other SID which flies directly West.

Again apologies if probably too specific a question but just wondering in case anyone might have more experience with such routings etc. (if it wasn't so nerdish and probably annoying I should have asked the pilots maybe!).

Any comments/info etc. welcome.

Many thanks for any help etc.,


P.S. The FS flightplan Gatwick-Madeira via Southampton which I was expecting to be flying:

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