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I am probably very confused, but can anyone explain the difference between an RNAV STAR (Approach) and a GPS Star?
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I will attempt to explain.

STAR is a Standard Terminal Arrival Route which gets arrival traffic into the terminal area from the enroute structure within the U.S. RNAV STARS are one of two types......either a STAR that requires all aircraft flying the route must be GPS as their navigation souce while the other allows for GPS equipped aircraft or other navigation sources such as DME/DME/IRU or similar area navigation capable aircraft. If DME/DME/IRU is allowed there will be certain critical NAVAIDS that must be operational in order for these aircraft to fly the arrival while a GPS equipped aircraft would not have that restriction.

There is no GPS named STAR, it would be named as an RNAV Arrival such as AGGEE RNAV Arrival to IAH or HONIE RNAV Arrival to ATL.

I hope this helped and didn't muddy the water.
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Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:19 am

Quoting YYZatcboy (Thread starter):
I am probably very confused, but can anyone explain the difference between an RNAV STAR (Approach) and a GPS Star?

I think your basic understanding of the difference between a STAR and an Approach is the first thing that needs to be addressed and IAHFLYR did a pretty good job of that.

Now there are a few different types of RNAV approaches.
RNAV(GPS)(GNSS), RNAV(RNP), VOR/DME RNAV, GPS, and RNAV(DME/DME). Maybe you meant the RNAV(GPS) v. standalone GPS approach? If so here is the very basic info you need to know right now.......

RNAV(GPS) approaches are all RNP0.3 or GPS, DME/DME updating to RNP0.3 is not allowed hence (GPS). That also serves a purpose of letting pilots with just GPS units know they can shoot this approach (as long as the unit comply s with the proper TSO requirements). RNAV(GPS) approaches are basically redesigned stand alone GPS approaches that allow multi mode FMS systems (what you would find on a 777) along with GPS units to shoot these approaches.

Standalone GPS approaches were part of the original concept along with VOR/DME RNAV approaches. Only airplanes with a actual GPS unit can shot standalone GPS approaches. IE a 777 cannot shot GPS17 into KVCV. Its weird though that somehow this approach found its way into few UA airway manuals   

As we speak stand alone GPS approaches, along with VOR/DME RNAV approaches, are being converted to RNAV(GPS) at a very fast rate and all should be gone sometime soon.

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