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Timeline/Lifecycle Of An Airplane?

Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:43 pm

I’m trying to figure out the steps involved in the birth and death of a plane. I would like to see what steps and milestones (and their timeline) are involved in an aircraft/design concepts life. i.e. from a design being born in a designers mind to the first draft, design freeze, rollout, power on , first flight, delivery, A/ B/ C/ D checks to when it finally hits the boneyard and is cut up. What are the steps or milestones that an aircraft takes from its birth to its death? Basically I’m trying to build the timeline and life of an aircraft from design to death.

Also I would really like to see how the life of a commercial airliner varies from say a GA and how they differ from a UAV or a rotorcraft?

It would be really nice if some of more experienced ones here who probably worked at Boeing or Lockheed or any of the other major air framers could give some insight on this.

Thnx in advance for your replies.

P.S. Every aerospace book/ paper/article I look in does not go beyond preliminary and detailed design so… that’s where my question comes from.

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