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FMT Jet Bridges

Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:16 pm

Was recently reading about Swedish jet bridge manufacturer FMT getting a contract to replace a number of bridges in CPH. The manager of the company was quoted saying that it was nice to get a contract so close to home, as all production is done in Trelleborg, Sweden, and most of their clients are in the US nowadays.

I know that they do alot of passenger ship boarding bridges for ports in the US, but I was wondering what airports use their bridges?

Their website is not the most informative when it comes to details on either clients or market share, but provides some interesting information on the products they offer, including pop-up ground service modules to minimize the amount of vehicles that surround an A/C during turnaround (not that the idea has seemed to take off, but interesting nevertheless).

Anyways, I'd be grateful for any info on what airports in the US (or anywhere else) use FMT bridges.

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RE: FMT Jet Bridges

Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:27 pm

Nearly all the gates at ARN, and I believe all the gates at GOT have FMT airbridges.
The only gate at ARN that is different is gate 68 on T2 and that is Finnish made.

Quoting Doona (Thread starter):
including pop-up ground service modules to minimize the amount of vehicles that surround an A/C during turnaround

This system is fitted at T2 at ARN. But when pier F at T5 was built 10 years later they used a much simpler system with no hyds involved.
The ARN T2 system is amazingly complicated. Hyd powered pop up modules supplied electrics, air con, start air, water, and toilet service. Now only electrics and air con is used.
There was even a trial pop up fuel service module, that is still there on Gate 67, but was never used due to a payment dispute.
The pictures on the FMT website are at ARN T2. In the first picture you can even see the pop-up push back tug. This never caught on!!

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Just noticed the pop up fuel dispenser on Gate 64 in the picture. I didn't know there was one there as well!. I have worked in T2 for 10 years and never seen it. 8My office is at the far left of the picture on the ramp.

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