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SU Tu-134/Tu-154 Fleet Status

Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:50 pm

I was wondering what is the current status of SU's TU5 fleet. I was looking at flights between LED-DME, LED-VKO, LED-SVO, and could not find any more flying the routes between the two cities. I know SU was planning on retiring them next year and I have a few questions. If someone could please share what they know I would most appreciate it.

-What routes are SU's (SU proper) TU5 fleet currently flying and where will they be flying in December?
-What routes are Aeroflot's contract companies (e.g. Aeroflot Nord, Don, etc.) still flying the TU3 on and where will they fly in December?
-Which aircraft performed the last 154 flight for Rossiya on 01 NOV (route/reg./number)?

Thank you very much for your assistance.
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RE: SU Tu-134/Tu-154 Fleet Status

Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:40 am

Aeroflot seems to use A320 on most routes now, even the domestic ones. At least according to the published flight schedule.

You can still find some Tupolev flights on the Flight Status page (link). Today, for example, they have SU835 SVO-KUF operated by Tu-154 RA85760, and SU709 SVO-ASF by Tu-154 RA85765.

If you want to fly the Tupolevs in Russia, I would suggest finding another airline. UTair, as far as I know, still operates plenty of the Tu-134 and -154.
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RE: SU Tu-134/Tu-154 Fleet Status

Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:35 pm

I had a ramp-tour at SVO in August and there were a lot of SU Tu-154s parked up and not looking as though they were going anywhere soon. Sadly, I think the Tu-154's time is just about up at SU.

In general, the old Soviet-era types are flown by fewer and fewer airlines in Russia. It was very noticeable how many "Western types" are now flying in Russia. When I visited VKO in 2005, we didn't see a single Western airliner. This year I would estimate fully 30-40% of the flights at VKO were Western types (mainly A320/737s but also ATRs). If I wait another 4 years to go back, I suspect they'll be very few Tupolevs and Antonovs flying. As a fan of the Soviet-era planes, I find it quite sad.

The saddest sight for me on this year's trip, was seeing dozens of Il-62s just dumped on the grass at DME as well as other airports.  Sad

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