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A380 Seat Widths

Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:39 pm

The Airbus ACAP document shows standard A380 economy-class seat widths as 18", with an overall width across the seat row (armrest to armrest) of 248".

I'm aware, though, that airlines like SQ and AF are putting 19" seats into their aircraft. e.g.

SQ explicitly say that the 19" width is between the armrests

That's a lot of extra seat-width over the ACAP illustration

I'm not sure what aisle width SQ have, but 10-abreast at 19" seat bottom width would seem to indicate that 17" - 17.2" is possible on the main-deck at 11-abreast, with basically the same aisle widths.

I'd welcome some informed commentary

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RE: A380 Seat Widths

Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:03 pm

I'm looking at Page 3 of Section 2-5-1 of the October 2009 ACAP and it just shows the width of the "seat package". So there are two three-seat packages measuring 62" from armrest edge to armrest edge and two two-seat packages in the middle, each package measuring 42 inches. That configuration allows 20 inch aisles.

So each seat measures around 21" wide, armrest edge to armrest edge. I'm guessing the armrests are 2 inches wide, so that would leave 18 inches for the seat back / seat cushion width.

What's the minimum allowed aisle width? You'd need to take five inches off each aisle - taking them down to 15" - in order to put an inch back in every seat. I wonder if SQ is using narrower armrests? If they went to 1.75 inch armrests, that would mean they only need to pull 3.25 inches off each aisle which would bring them to 16.5 inches wide which equals the aisle width of the A330 in charter (3+3+3) configuration.

Going to eleven abreast using 17" seat back/seat cushion width with 1.75" armrests and 16.5" aisles would fit, but not with 20" aisles.
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RE: A380 Seat Widths

Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:06 pm

Quoting Stitch (Reply 1):

All questions I've pondered, Stitch, hence the thread.

One thing I can say, having been on an SQ A380, is that "narrow" isn't the first adjective that comes to mind to describe the aisles. I haven't measured them, but the look pretty wide, certainly felt wider than those on the SQ 744's (subjectively).

Narrower armrests is certainly one possibility.

Like you, I assumed in the OP that the seat packages were 18" bottoms and 2" armrests.

I have a suspicion, though, that the ACAP may show a "typical" configuration.
I question whether it necessarily defines the limit on the overall row width (I honestly don't know).
When you look at different configurations in different airliner ACAPS, there's frequently a difference in overall width on the same airliner for the different options.
I'm hoping someone in the know, at either SQ, or AF (who also quote 19" seats) can enlighten us.


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