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G8 Summit Affect On Airports

Fri May 07, 2010 2:59 am

Hi All,

Hopefully I have the right forum for my post this time. I usually get it in the wrong one, but it seems kind of like an operation thing.

Anyway, I was at my flight school today practicing more circuits, and my instructor happened to mention that she was going to be gone during the G8, because the airport was going to be shut down anyway. After getting home, I did some searches, and it seems CYKZ isn't the only airport that is to be closed during the summit. It seems CYBN is to be closed at well. It got my thinking, are all general aviation airports closed? My understanding is that the leaders are set to fly in to North Bay's airport, which is 4 hours or so from CYKZ, so I don't understand. Why not just restrict airspace between and around North Bay and Huntsville?

Any info on this would be appreciated!

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