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Aircraft Wall Insulation Boeing Vs Airbus

Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:19 pm

I just thought I would have to ask the question with a/c insulation, As every time i fly on a 757/37 when touching the window and the interior wall at 35000ft it is always very cold! and there is always a build up of ice on the windows.

..... However this morning I was traveling with Monarch HER-MAN on a A300. The window and interior wall was at room temperature and there was no ice on the interior window. (also can i add i was sat at 16a over the wing and it felt a lot quieter that Boeing A/C!)

Do Airbus insulate there A/C better than Boeing?

Or could anybody shed any light on this?

Thank you in advance

the captain has now dimmed the lights for take off this is a routine procedure for flights during the hours of darkness!

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