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Interesting Operational Limitations At Airports?

Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:45 am

Having read through the boards over the years, I've seen some tidbits about various airports concerning operational limitations or constraints as they pertain to different aspects of the business, many of which have involved aircraft, gate layout or configuration. Some of the ones that come to mind (that I've seen, but might have details confused on) include:
-All of Delta's gates on the T concourse at ATL can handle widebodies with the exception of T8.
-A couple of gates on Concourses A & B at ATL went unused for a period because DL had retired the 727, 73S & 733, which were the only planes they were able to squeeze in there.
-Gate 87 at MCO can't be used if a 747 is parked at 85.
-There are only a handful of gates at DL's JFK hub that are able to handle flights to TLV due to extra security requirements.

Again, I may have some of the above confused or off, but what I'm interested to see is a list of other airport oddities or pieces of borderline useless trivia that can come up with. Anybody familiar with any pertaining to your (or any) commercial airports similar to what I was getting at above?
A310/319/320/321/333, ARJ, BN2, B722/73S/733/734/735/73G/738/739/744/757/753/767/763/764/777, CR1/2/7/9, DH6, 328, EM2/ERJ/E70/E75/E90, F28/100, J31, L10/12/15, DC9/D93/D94/D95/M80/M88/M90/D10, SF3, SST
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RE: Interesting Operational Limitations At Airports?

Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:32 am

Not necessarily an operational limit, but a useless fact at YVR gates A1, A2, and A3 have dual over-the-wing style jet-bridges used by WestJet 737s.

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RE: Interesting Operational Limitations At Airports?

Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:00 pm

The three international gates at RDU can handle any aircraft up to A388, depending on the aircraft on the other two gates. The are probably 8 or 9 lead-in lines for the three, and differant parking spots for each of the jetways depending on the configuration. It was a great idea at first, but can be very confusing at times. Especially when there are multiple international arrivals or widebodies. They are the only three gates that can accomidate B753 equip and larger in C concourse. The gates on the east side of the terminal have configurations for both RJ and mainline equipment with some gates closing and other lead-in lines opening when overflow mainline parking is needed. Or whenever RJ flying begins to go away.

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