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Airport Security Exits/Arrivals

Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:56 pm


I am curious about airport security area exits, on domestic flights. Example: Your domestic flight arrives at your final destination, you follow the signs to arrivals, and exit the security area of the airport in order to get to baggage claim.

I am wondering about the different operations used for arriving passengers at security checkpoints. More often than not, you exit the security area by walking down a hallway next to security (and sometimes through doors), which dumps you on the departures level. You then have to walk through ticketing (usually) in order to go downstairs to baggage claim.

I see a better, more convenient and seemingly more secure way at Logan International Airport, at Terminals B1, C, and Domestic E. You walk down an enclosed hallway next to the security checkpoint, and through a set of doors at the end (where the guard waits). On the other side of those doors is an escalator that takes you down to baggage claim/arrivals. No need to wander through departures/ticketing; the downward escalator just dumps you right in arrivals. This method also seems more secure, because one would need to first climb up a downward escalator before trying to get past the guard.

Am I correct, and what other methods are used?


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