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Airport Customs And Immigration Officer Job (DFW)

Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:45 pm

Was recently watching a tv program (yes, it would help if I remembered the name) where Immigration Officers (I think) at an airport intercepted a flight and questioned a guy that bought broken computers for his son. Come to find out, the computer bags were filled with Cocaine and the show ends where he's arrested and he surprisingly repeats "coke? coke? coke? noo...".
I thought that was interesting, and was wondering if there are any job opportunities like that? The DFW Airport/area would be ideal. Or even the "typical" Immigration/Customs Officer that looks at your passport--anyone do that? What are the requirements, pay, and advancements in a job like that? Any additional information would be great. Thanks!
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RE: Airport Customs And Immigration Officer Job (DFW)

Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:03 pm

US Customs & Boarder Patrol
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RE: Airport Customs And Immigration Officer Job (DFW)

Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:29 pm

www.usajobs.gov for the job posting
www.cbp.gov for job description. Look under careers tab and cbp officer

Border Patrol Officer (not Border Patrol Agent). Both will most likely get listed but are two distinctly different jobs despite similar sounding titles. You seem to be interested in the BPO job

For the BPO job it's like all other civil service job. Lots of wickets and hoops to jump through need to take a civil service screening exam. medical screening background investigation physical fitness screening, video interview screening, etc Then you get put into a selection pool as openings come up. When an opening occurs you go to fletc in Georgia

Need to get in before 37 as it's covered under federal law enforcement retirement

Lots of info and a few forums on the Internet you can google it

Payscale is public record on www.gsa.gov. You start off as a GS-5 or 7 I believe with promotion potential to 9 or 11. You do get locality pay

You cannot specify to work at just DFW or the DFW area. You will specify a general location like the south central US. When you're in the selection pool if a position in the south central US comes open and you're next in line you get called to report for training. Once you're in then you can try to internal transfer to the DFW area or DFW airport

There are about 250 or so CBP officers assigned to the DFW airport

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