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New Security Checkpoint At BOS, Terminal C - Done?

Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:51 am

So I was just surfing around on the Massport website when I found this:

Dated July 28, it says the that new security checkpoint in Terminal C is finished! I was departing BOS on JetBlue a few weeks ago (July 10) and it did indeed look very close to being done. It was already serving the B6 / 9K pier, but not the UA pier. The checkpoint for gates C25-C36 (B6) had vanished without a trace, and the checkpoint for gates C11-C21 (UA) looked like it was about to be gutted, too. Did the old equipment get moved to the new checkpoint?

I am curious about a few other things:

1. Is the old UA checkpoint still operating or has it been closed, too?

2. Does anyone know what is going in the old hallways where the checkpoints were once located? (New shops/restaurants, or just additional terminal space for pax?)

3. How about the exit lanes? I know that the exit hallways themselves are connected to escalators, which they couldn't really move. Are the current hallways/tunnels going to stay the same, or will it be a completely new layout?

4. When will a new and updated terminal map/virtual tour be available on the Massport website? Right now it still shows the old layout.

Ant additional information would be most appreciated!   

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