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Pilot Training Free Of Charge In Germany?

Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:49 pm

I am not sure if this topic belongs in this forum, so please Mods, feel free to move it anywhere appropriate.

I came across this online-article today and was highly amazed, as it involves me personally too. I apologize for not finding the article in English:,1518,780727,00.html

The outline is the following: The German State is in the process of ruling out whether the money spent on University studies or job training which directly leads to the qualification for a job can be regained from the german fiscal department.
Two cases are described, one in which a med student sued on grounds of financing her studies. The other case is a pilot who tried to get back 28,000€ which he spent on his training.
Which gets me straight to the point:

If the german government enforces that such expenses may be returned to the student after he has started working, effectively paying less taxes (and putting the finance minister in even deeper trouble), could that mean a much larger pool of people wanting to start privately paid pilot traning? Could that lead to an even higher saturation of the pilot market? After all, and now I'm speaking of experience, taking a loan of tenthousands of Euros for a dream is a big turn-off which makes you think about it more than once; not so much if you know you'll get back the money in time, on top of your salary.
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RE: Pilot Training Free Of Charge In Germany?

Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:58 pm

No, pilot training will not be free of charge. The new regulation only means that your expenses for education will be tax-deductible in later years, meaning you will save some taxes later on. You'll still have to pay for your training like before.

As to whether that means more people will go for pilot training, I have no idea.
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RE: Pilot Training Free Of Charge In Germany?

Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:05 pm

Rara that is actually, potentially a big deal.

Basically, if I take a loan, with late-payment options (e.g. I pay my interests, and when I feel like it, I pay the actual loan),
I can have pilots license for the price of interest, if I elect to pay the loan in increments as I get my tax deductions.
Normally, I would have to pay the interest AND the debt.
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