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Flight Scheduling Errors

Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:34 am

So here is the situation,
DL started a new flight schedule on October 1st. One of our flights, DL2688 operated by Mesaba was scheduled as an out and back MSP-ATW-MSP. However, the day before it started we noticed that it only had 1 booked pax with a capacity of zero and a capacity of zero through the rest of the month. They still sent the flight and it came in with 2 pax (nonrevs) and left with about 10 (mostly nonrevs and a few denied boarding pax from earlier in day). Ever since, they have canceled the flight everyday through the end of the month. So my question(s) is/are, was this some sort of scheduling/marketing error? And does this hurt XJs completion factor everyday because it is still being registered as a canceled flight or is really that hard to just take it out of the schedule? I have been in working in the airlines for 4yrs now and have never come across such a phenomenon and thought I might come here for clarification.

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RE: Flight Scheduling Errors

Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:39 pm

Quite a serious error... did nobody really notice this? I assume that DL is responsible for loading the flights, even if they are operated by Mesaba?

This must be an error made by Delta's Schedule/distribution department. However, also other departments should have noticed this (for instance revenue management should have noticed that no bookings were coming in for these flights).

It happens and is mostly due to a clerical error, but this should have been discovered a bit earlier then the day of the first flight...

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