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DL4094 - Improper Weight And Balance?

Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:22 am

I flew on DL4094 from ATL to TYS on 10/26. Being an RJ flight, we had to gate check the carry on luggage that wouldn't fit on the plane. Through some colossal screw up on the ramp, none of the bags were loaded on the plane. When we got to TYS, the gate agent said they weren't loaded, didn't know where they were and didn't know when they would arrive. I was told later that night that the ramp agents "forgot to load the bags.".

To me, it is insane that they forgot to load 25 pieces of luggage and couldn't manage to get the bags the 100 ft from the jetway to the back of the plane. I was also told by the baggage service guy that the pilots had accounted for the carry on luggage in the weight and balance calculations and didn't know that the valet bags didn't make it on. How much is the W&B of a CRJ200 affected by the misloading of 25 bags?

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RE: DL4094 - Improper Weight And Balance?

Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:41 pm

A CRJ driver will hopefully chime in, but the aircraft would be lighter than what is listed on the W&B form, however the CG would be farther forward. CRJ-200s are nose heavy by nature.

You got there safely, so other than the inconvenience of not getting your gate checked bag, I'd say everything was fine W&B wise. Could have been enough checked bags / other crap in the bin to keep the aircraft within the CG envelope.

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