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Delta To Install Heath Tecna Project Amber?

Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:14 am

Looking at this video:

If you look at the row marker, there appears to be a DL-style row marker on the Project Amber mockup. Could this be a sign that Delta will be installing it on some aircraft? Does anyone have insider info about this?

If DL does install it, I would expect the prime candidates to get it would be the 5600-series PMNW 752s, since they still have the standard 757 bins (the PMDL fleet has the Heath Tecna ATIX-2A bin extensions). Afterward, perhaps DL will install it on the newer PMDL 752s as well as the 73Gs/738s. I don't expect any of the older PMDL 752s nor any of the 5500-series PMNW aircraft to get it, though.

Does anyone have any info?

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