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MSA And Omni Departures/EFATO?

Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:03 pm

Except when a minimum turning height is dictated, when would you turn on an Omni directional departure?

In or manuals/procedures we do not normally turn below 400', if we have a turning departure (Below400') it is specifically described when we need to do this. In our performance manual on the 737NG it says min turning for clearance is 100'

I have flown with captains on an Omni Dep who even with ground contact will not make a turn below MSA. A point brought up by another captain was a situation with a Cessna (of course just to emphasize a point), if the Cessna was planning to fly en route at 2000' and the MSA around the airport was 2100', would the Cessna climb to 2100' initially and THEN descend to 2000'.

Something similar to this that I wonder about is when we talk about an emergency after Take off i.e. Engine Fire, again the situation with MSA 2100', a lot of the guys I fly with say that we will climb to 3000' and then deal with the emergency. Now of course with the 737 this may be a matter of a second or two but why would you climb to a higher than necessary altitude before dealing with the emergency, is this not wasting time.
Any thoughts?
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RE: MSA And Omni Departures/EFATO?

Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:23 pm

What do you really mean by omnidirectional departure?

Regarding Cessna, well in my opinion it either:
a) flies VFR, which makes it rather self-explanatory then,
b) flies a procedure, which can have, naturally, lower minimum altitude than MSA, or
c) can be vectored around by ATC by the way of MRVA that can again be lower than MSA on its route.

Regarding last question, if terrain is a consideration, shouldnt you have prescribed EOSID to make sure you stay safe off of it? Even if it is as simple as climb s/a to 2100 then do whatever (turn left to navaid and hold, for ex.)
Although in general as long as you keep it over MSA, I think you should be fine, I have no idea why they choose 3000, and not for ex. 2200 or 2500...
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