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Delta Catering At JFK

Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:18 pm

Currently, Delta uses LSG Sky Chefs as their caterer at JFK. From what I heard, Delta used to use Gate Gourmet at JFK.

I was wondering, when did Delta switch from Gate Gourmet to LSG Sky Chefs at JFK? Historically it has seemed that Delta has a preference for Gate Gourmet. I wonder why did Delta switch to LSG Sky Chefs at JFK?

Here are DL's U.S. hubs by caterer:

Gate Gourmet

LSG Sky Chefs

Out of the hubs, only ATL, DTW, and JFK have both Gate Gourmet and LSG Sky Chefs ops. DL used to use Gate Gourmet at DTW prior to merging with NW, but switched to LSG Sky Chefs after the merger since Gate Gourmet's DTW facility was too small to handle the combined ops, so DL went with LSG Sky Chefs who was already catering NW flights.
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