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FAA/EASA FAR25 Needed For Each Component?

Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:35 pm

I think that today FAA & EASA accept products in commercial aircraft that are not compliant with FAR25 (for example FAR25.853 for flammability) if they are compliant when they are tested "in sandwich".

For example:
you have product A which is compliant to FAR25.853
you have product B which is NOT compliant to FAR25.853 alone
but product A with product B are compliant to FAR25.853, so both (A and B) products installed in the plane are allowed

It seems that this rule is going to change and to be stricter. Each component will need to be compliant to FAR25.853 when the product is tested alone.

Does someone know if it is already the case or when it's going to be set up?
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RE: FAA/EASA FAR25 Needed For Each Component?

Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:39 am

The FAR to which you refer states: "Materials (including finishes or decorative surfaces applied to the materials) must meet the applicable test criteria prescribed in part I of appendix F of this part, or other approved equivalent methods, regardless of the passenger capacity of the airplane."
I don't see where "sandwiching" would satisfy the requirement. The statement includes finishes so I'd say it applies to the core material as well.
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RE: FAA/EASA FAR25 Needed For Each Component?

Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:39 am

This has to do with seat cushions and covering. Regular seat cushion foam when burned gives off toxic gasses, by it self it does not meet the FAR requirement. You can either equip your aircraft with foam that is fire resistant or you can use the foam that does not meet the requirement. To use the non compliant foam you encapsulate it in a fire resistant covering, and install the dress covering that will be used. A burn test on done this "sandwich" .If it passes, good to go, if not, try again. If seat dress covers are changed at some point, unless the exact same items are used, the certification has to be done again. That's the gist of it any way...

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