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Performance Info For DC-4/6B/7C And Connie's?

Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:37 am

Does anyone have the performance info for these aircraft? I'm looking for takeoff and landing performance especially, but fuel economies at different power settings and weights would be greatly appreciated as well as any other info that could be pertinent to the operations of these aircraft such as oil burn.


I know the c-54 burns around 200 gallons an hour cruising at around 200kts (I believe that's what speed he said) but I don't really know what power setting that is. The DC-7B burns between 300-450 gallons an hour depending if it took max payload or max fuel from what I was able to find online.

Hopefully we have some old timers here who know this stuff or people who are currently flying the types still.
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RE: Performance Info For DC-4/6B/7C And Connie's?

Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:15 pm

Brooks says

DC-4 MTOW 73000 needs 5250 ft balanced field ISA sea level
DC-6B 107000 lb needs 6150 ft
DC-7C 143000 lb needs 6400 ft
L749A 107000 lb needs 4850 ft
L1049G 137500 lb needs 5800 ft

DC-4 at 65000 lb 10000 ft ISA 204 mph (not knots) with 625 hp/eng; total 1400 lb/hr fuel

DC-6B 89000 lb 20000 ft 270 mph 1200 hp/eng 2400 lb/hr

DC-7C 120000 lb 20000 ft 310 mph 1625 hp/eng 2700 lb/hr

L749A 94000 lb 18000 ft 275 mph 1200 hp/eng 2300 lb/hr

L1049G 117500 lb 20000 ft 305 mph 1625 hp/eng 2700 lb/hr

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