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Cabin Crew Procedures On Long Overnight Flights

Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:08 pm

Hi all,

I recently flew on an Air Pacific 747-400 round trip to Fiji and was curious about what the cabin crew did while the majority of the passengers were asleep during the ten hour flight. Does the entire cabin crew stay awake, or are some of them allowed to go "off shift" and get some sleep while leaving a skeleton crew to tend to the passengers? Or does everybody keep up their routines same as the day shift for safety purposes?

Also, what kind of organization is there amongst the cabin crew for such a large plane? I think I read there's anywhere from 12-18 F/A's on board. With that number of people, are they organized by duties or sections of the plane? Is there a management structure of junior F/A's reporting to senior crew, with the seniors assigning positions, or is that all taken care of before anyone gets on the plane?


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