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DY Largest For Boeing Landing Gear Exchg Prog

Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:44 pm

Boeing today announced that Norwegian Air Shuttle, the third largest low-cost airline in Europe , has become the largest customer for the Boeing landing gear exchange program. The new contract gives Norwegian Air Shuttle a service schedule that runs until 2027.

Read more here:

Sounds like a good deal. Norwegian has certainly become a good and large Boeing customer.
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DY Largest For Boeing Landing Gear Exchg Prog

Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:43 am

Quoting Mortyman (Thread starter):

There can be drawbacks to such schemes.

The first airline I worked for had a great reputation for its quality of maintenance, and joined a landing gear exchange program whilst I was in their employ. As such, any landing being sent into the program were often in very good condition. The problem was that quite often, they would receive a reconditioned set of landing gear, that while perfectly safe for the task, where nonetheless, landing gear that were originally from other airlines with a lesser reputation for maintenance.

You could see this straight away, as just about every bushing on the reconditioned landing gear was an oversized fitment. In turn, other airlines would receive reconditioned landing gear that was of a higher basic quality than the set they put into the program. The problem for my airline was that if any of the bushings on the reconditioned landing gear required rework, a bushing replacement was not possible, and a whole new landing gear would be needed.

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