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Fuel Efficiency / Consumption Of Older Planes?

Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:43 am


A few airlines have announced to take their older planes out of service due to high fuel costs (LH and the 737 for example). What really would interest me is how much more fuel efficient is a 1yo A319-112 compared to a 20yo 737-55S? The reason why I would like to compare those two aircraft is that I know of a few airlines which have a relatively new and large Airbus fleet and a few 737 classics, assuming the 737 will probably be replaced with Airbus models once taken out of service. Is anyone able to provide any figures?

I have tried to find the information on the net but unfortunately wasn’t very successful.

Many thanks for your help!
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Fuel Efficiency / Consumption Of Older Planes?

Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:28 pm

Not the exact ages you wanted, but it will is relevant for the U.S., from 2011:

Southwest: 1.769 gallons per 100 ASMs
United: 1.803

Delta: 1.611
Frontier: 1.697
Spirit: 1.423
United: 1.655
US Airways: 1.744
Virgin America: 1.431

You can do the math, but some examples:
-United A319 consumes 8.2% less fuel per ASM than a United 737-500
-To illustrate the effect of stage length, Virgin America A319 consumes 19.2% less fuel per ASM than a Southwest 737-500
-To illustrate the effect of seating density, Spirit A319 (145 seats) consumes 18.4% less fuel per ASM than a US Airways A319 (124 seats)
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RE: Fuel Efficiency / Consumption Of Older Planes?

Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:48 pm

The above post is very well conceived. Gallons per 100ASM is a good and mathematically fair measurement.

Another more basic measurement is an A319 and 735 will both burn about 800 gallons per block hour, as scheduled. The A319 is not much more fuel efficient. People operate Airbus fleets including A319, while 737 Classic fleets are nearly timed out and are being replaced, meaning the 735 has less "fleet affinity" and less reason to exist at this point. But fuel efficiency of the 735 is not why it is being replaced, as such. Often, a 735 can be downgauged to large RJs, while the A319 (again) functions as part of mainline systems, typically. And JMO.

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