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Devining ACMI(AOC) Lease Estimates

Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:05 pm

I sure appreciate the collective wisdom in this forum and members willingness to share what they know.

I am attempting to put together ballpark figures on full ACMI(AOC) lease rates for new ATR 72 and Bombardier Q400 aircraft operating in the US.
I've found that few are willing to take phone calls/return emails from people off the street.
I've reached out to both manufacturers as well as the leasing companies that come up in google searches and in this forum-
-GE Capital Aviation Services
-International Lease Finance Corporation
-Air Lease Corporation

I found in this forum a suggested rule of thumb is to estimate the dry lease rate as 1% of the purchase price and take 500% of that to get the ACMI lease rate if this is a new aircraft. Would one assume this based on a full daily flight schedule?

The following rates are posted in this forum for Fall 2012
Fall 2012 Aircraft Values And Lease Pricing (by LAXintl Nov 5 2012 in Civil Aviation)

CRJ200 – $1.8 - 6.5M, $35-85,000
CRJ700 – $10.5 – 22.5M, $105-225,000
CRJ900 - $13.0 – 25.0M, $135-250,000
Q400 – $10.0 – 19.5M, $120-220,000
ERJ145 – $4.0 – 8.9M, $45-105,000
EMB170 – $14.4 – 26.2M, $140-240,000
EMB190 – $20.7 – 32.6M, $195-285,000
ATR-72 – $6.8 – 18.1M, $85-180,000

Are Q4's realy going for $19.5m? They were listed at almost $30m.
Does anyone have an educated guess on how long the production backlog is for both aircraft?

Are there one or two companies in the US/North America that are well known for this sort of arrangement? Either ACMI leases in general or specifically dealing with turboprops or small start-ups?

An ACMI lease does not seam to be the correct term for flying under someone else's AOC. Would you simply call this a long-term scheduled charter?

Thank you!

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