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Lease Aircraft At Less Than Full Utilization

Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:19 am

It makes sense that a lessor would not want to lease a newer aircraft for less than a full month's utilization(300 hrs?) while it is in demand. In this case I'm looking at the Q400 or ATR 72.

It also makes sense that several of the same model aircraft parked outside of Tucson is a good indicator of which models can be had on a more flexible lease(CRJ200).

If you're looking to open a few secondary routes(under 600 miles) with a single aircraft, it would be nice to have a lease that allowed for a couple round trips 2 or 3 days a week to start and then add flights as they fill.

Do leases happen at less than 250 - 300 hours a month?
Do they happen at 150 and less?
If so, is this strictly a CRJ200 scenario where the number parked is high and the rates are low?

Would a Q400 or an ATR 72-5 or 6 lease at less than full utilization right now?
I suppose that the lessor might be happy to charge a higher rate for less hours, thus saving hours and cycles while still generating revenue..

Posted by LAXintl- 2012 Q4 prices and rate estimates

CRJ200 – $1.8 - 6.5M, $35-85,000
CRJ700 – $10.5 – 22.5M, $105-225,000
CRJ900 - $13.0 – 25.0M, $135-250,000
Q400 – $10.0 – 19.5M, $120-220,000
ERJ145 – $4.0 – 8.9M, $45-105,000
EMB170 – $14.4 – 26.2M, $140-240,000
EMB190 – $20.7 – 32.6M, $195-285,000
ATR-72 – $6.8 – 18.1M, $85-180,000

Sources: IBA/Ascend

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