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EK And The A380 DXB-LAX

Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:26 am

There has been conjecture on what can be expected from a A380 from DXB-LAX. First EK is using a sector time of 16hr30m and from FlightAware the airways distance is ~7470nm give or take +- 100nm. This puts the ESAD right on 8000nm. Typically flight time is close to the scheduled time . Six of eight recent flights were in the 16hr to 16hr 20min frame.
We know that the DOW of EK’s A380’s started out at ~300t. New deliveries are some 4t lower due to changes made by EK on the amount of water for the showers and reduction in the OEW.
Looking forward there will be the increased MTOW to 573t , a revised DOW of 295 to 296t and a reported ~ 2% improvement in fuel burn.
Putting these revised numbers into PIANO-X , for a 489 seat version , the range is right on 8000nm with full passenger or a 46.5 t payload. It should be noted that the volume limited cargo load with baggage aboard for 489 persons is about 16t. So a load range could be about 325 passengers with 16t of cargo. Not too much different in passenger count from the limit EK has placed on the 77W.
I must acknowledge Astutemans assistance on this one

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