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DL 76Q Fleet Cycling Through Asia?

Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:48 pm

Hello All-

Found myself looking through Flightaware at Delta's Domestic 767-300 fleet (76Q) and I've noticed that several of the birds seem to be cycling through Asia. Does anyone know why they are heading over there? Is this for heavy maintenance or for a mod? At first I thought just heavy checks, but it seems that more and more of the fleet are heading over there over the past few weeks, so I now am wondering if there is a mod going on:

N121DE - Active
N124DE - Stored 11/2012
N125DL - Active - Was over in QPG per a previous post, returned via ANC two days ago
N126DL - Inactive since 11/2012, presumably undergoing maintenance
N127DL - Active
N128DL - Sent over to Asia via ANC on 1/21
N129DL - Active
N130DL - Sent over to Asia via ANC on 2/10
N136DL - Active
N137DL - Inactive as of 1/3, returned active on 2/9
N138DL - Active (2 week gap in activity in January)
N139DL - Active
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RE: DL 76Q Fleet Cycling Through Asia?

Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:50 pm

It is heavy maintenance. I worked ship 126 a couple months ago, it came in from ATL and ferried to ANC where it will be going to Asia.
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