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Did Boeing Really Correct The 787 Battery Problem?

Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:42 am

Here's an article on ANA cancelling a flight based on an engine start problem:


What struck me about it was the article's description of Boeing's fix for the batteries (which according to the article, are only used in the 787. Didn't realize that). It described a way of containing an overheat through insulation, steel cage protection, and fume venting. But nothing from the article (granted, a Yahoo! sourced article) that suggests that they corrected the underlying overheat problem.

So, did Boeing actually fix what caused these modern, energy dense batteries to overheat?
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RE: Did Boeing Really Correct The 787 Battery Problem?

Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:55 am

They never narrowed the cause to an exact root cause. So, they used the shotgun approach. Tighten manufacturing controls, modify the charger, tighten the current and draw limits and modify monitoring. Then, they changed the container to prevent problems if a single cell did overheat, despite all the other precautions. The container keeps the cells separate so one bad one won't cause others to go, is strong enough to contain any battery incident and provides for venting gas overboard.
Just enter "Boeing" and "battery" into Google and you'll find way more than you ever wanted to know.

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