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Revised New York Oceanic Clearance Procedures

Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:24 am

I have a question about the New York Center NOTAM A0017/13 pertaining to new procedures for obtaining an oceanic clearance for eastbound flights entering the New York OCA.

It starts off by stating the procedure for getting the oceanic clearance changed on Feb. 5 so that now an ATC clearance on the ground satisfies the route portion of the clearance, whereas the cruise altitude and mach number may be issued later, so long as you're entering oceanic airspace from an FAA facility.

The confusing part comes from ICAO Document 007 paragraph 5.6 (MNPS Manual), where it mentions that in Sept 2012, New York made this the procedure for all traffic entering New York oceanic airspace from NAM (North American), CAR (Central American), or SAM (South American) regions.

So, what changed on Feb. 5th that didn't already exist in Sept 2012?

The issue is with the small amount of New York oceanic airspace that touches Moncton or Gander domestic airspace (not FAA airspace). What is the proper way to obtain an oceanic clearance for New York if departing a U.S. domestic airport, entering Moncton/Gander airspace, and then entering the ocean at the New York OCA? I'm not aware of any "clearance delivery" frequency for New York, nor would I think it'd be appropriate to request an oceanic clearance from Gandar if you're not entering Gander's OCA (North of 45N, and as depicted on the chart).

I was flying a trip in the a few weeks ago--got told by Gander Center domestic ATC we needed to pick up an oceanic clearance from Gander Clearance (we weren't operating in Gander's oceanic airspace), and then Gander instructed us to contact Gander Radio rather than New York (meanwhile New York was looking for us).

Thank you for your time; any clarification is much appreciated.
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RE: Revised New York Oceanic Clearance Procedures

Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:18 pm

Quoting jhooper (Thread starter):

I departed once from MIA on our way to FRA and we read the same NOTAM and our company information about the change.

It was actually rather simple. We just took off and talked to Miami Center and they asked us which FL and Mach we would request. We gave them our request and he told us: maintain FL330 and Mach 0.85. We readback and that was the clearance. Of course we have to check if the flight plan is the same with our FMC route so that we are flying the correct route.
We didn't need another clearance for entering Shanwick airspace, but we had to contact them of course via CPDLD and perform our HF SELCAL check.
So basically the clearance is issued now via voice, but no full clearance. It is basically your flight plan. You will be of course informed if there is a change in the route.

Before that we requested the clearance via ACARS. Direclty to New York Oceanic or if necessary via voice.

I once had a flight from MIA to FRA where we flew through NY Oceanic, then Moncton and Gander Domestic and then Gander Oceanic. We actually had to get 2 clearances. One for the NY Oceanic part (received that via voice from the controller) and later while in the Moncon/ Gander domestic airspace we contacted Gander Oceanic to receive our Oceanic clearance for the last part of the Oceanice airspace (Gander and later Shanwick). we did that via ACARS.

I hope that helps a bit.


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