Collecting Herpa Wings - Any Tips?

Sun Nov 14, 1999 12:25 pm

I have decided to cease collecting Wooster and Dragon Wings in favor of the more popular Herpa Wings. (Oh, if you would like to purchase any of the models i currently do have, e-mail me for a list at I would like information on where i can find the best prices on models and any other tips you guys may have. I was also wondering wether could start a "Collector's Forum" for trading abd selling/buying airline collectibles. Thanks...
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RE: Collecting Herpa Wings - Any Tips?

Sun Nov 14, 1999 12:44 pm

Before you start do a little planning: Do you want to replicate something i.e airport, airline, etc. I tried to re-create (on smaller terms) Zrich-Kloten. On average, a Herpa will cost you $14-17 for single-aisle, and smaller twin-aisle (767, A300, L-1011) aeroplanes. Larger aeroplanes cost around $20-22. I currently have 37 Herpa's, I enjoy them because of their petitness, the fact that they are small, easy to store, etc.

Happy collecting,
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RE: Collecting Herpa Wings - Any Tips?

Sun Nov 14, 1999 12:53 pm

I see you're from NJ. The Airplane Shop in Fairfield is excellent. They're friendly, helpful, and everything is always on time. For great prices, try the SWA Freedom shop. You can find it by going to their website. All are SW's of course. For 8.00 herpas (which is ludicrusly low)
go to NWA's homepage and find their shop. $8.00 is one hell of a find for herpas! Don't order from Aviation Center USA. They forgot about at least 3 of my models!
It took nearly 6 weeks for me to get it and I had to call 5 times! Altough the prices are a little cheaper than most, you pay more than what you think. You make up for that by paying with time. The prices are lower because of pore service. Try World transport press. Reasonable prices, friendly people, all together a great store! Jetstreams USA is another. Good prices and you can tell the guy who owns it really loves doing it. He's unbelieveably friendly. For Ph. #'s etc. please E-mail me.

Happy collecting!

P.S. You made a good choice. Herpas are great models!
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RE: Collecting Herpa Wings - Any Tips?

Sun Nov 14, 1999 4:14 pm

Try they sell models from around 10 USD - 15 USD... pretty cheap!!
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RE: Collecting Herpa Wings - Any Tips?

Sun Nov 14, 1999 11:48 pm

Try it is a web site just for herpa wings.
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Looking For A Certain Model

Mon Nov 15, 1999 10:40 am

If anyone has flown AA lately and looked into their inflight catalog,you would have seen a "shiny" 777 with landing gear for 20 or 25 dollars. The catalog stated that Wooster made the model (the catalog stated they were sold out on the special 777s). I have called the big hobby shops around the country,with no hearing of this model. The Airliners catalog people state it was a misprint. Well if so,who makes a 777 snap together with "landing gear",200 or 250 scale?

Also,who sells snap together or metal models with landing gear in the 200 or larger scale? Thank you very much for your answers.

RE: Looking For A Certain Model

Mon Nov 15, 1999 4:36 pm

Well,I know Singapore Airlines sells B777-200 and B777-300 models made by Herpa.You can buy them through their in-flight sales,KrisShop

RE: Collecting Herpa Wings - Any Tips?

Tue Nov 16, 1999 1:52 am

if you go to the Airplane Shop's homepage you can get all of the models Herpa offers. this is how i get my models. the page is at good luck!

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