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FS2000 Help!

Sun Nov 28, 1999 10:14 am

I recently bought FS2000 and would like to download some aircraft from the internet. The problem is I don't know how. I tried it today but when I started FS2000 it wasn't there. I put the downloaded file into the "aircraft" folder but still can't understand why it's not working.

Can you please give me some tips and maybe a detailed step by step.

Thank you

RE: FS2000 Help!

Sun Nov 28, 1999 4:58 pm

Did you download a total airplane or just the texture file to replace the textures on the original 737 or 777 that came with FS2000?

If you dowloaded a total airplane here is what you do:
1st, dowload the plane to TEMP
2nd, unzip it
3rd, move the folder into the "aircraft" directory in FS2000
4th, then run FS2K and it should be there.

If you did that but didnt work its probably because the panel that came with it isnt a panel on FS2000.

Hope this helps.

RE: FS2000 Help!

Sat Dec 04, 1999 3:56 am

If you looked in your aircraft folder for FS2000 and the plane IS there, then it could be something else. It's possible that the plane you downloaded does not have FS2000 sounds. What you can do, is go into that planes sound folder.

START | PROGRAMS | WINDOWS EXPLORER. Click on the + box next to your drive where FS2000 is installed, typically your C drive. Go to PROGRAM FILES | MICROSOFT GAMES | FS2000. Scroll the folders below and click on the + box for AIRCRAFT. Find the aircraft you downloaded and 2xclick on it. It will open a list of files for that plane on the right. Go to the Sound folder and 2x click on it. You should now see a folder called sound.cfg. 2x click on this.

You will probably see something like this:


I doubt your plane is using a bf109e sound because that is from Combat Flight Simulator. But you may want to change that sound file name to a plane that is is FS2000. Try this:

alias=c182\sound and then close. You'll be asked to save, say yes. Next try going into your FS2000 and see if the plane is there.

Good Luck


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