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Early Australian Safetycards

Sat Dec 04, 1999 4:05 pm

I'm endeavouring to collect safety on board cards from Australian air carriers and aircraft types which are no longer in service, eg Compass Airlines A300/MD80, TAA/Ansett-ANA Viscount/Electra/DC-3/DC-4/DC-6, Australian National Airways DC-3, Butler Air Transport Heron/DC-3, B.C.P.A. DC-6, Qantas DC-4 /Constellation/Electra and so forth. Of course I realise that these airliners have long left the scene and I'm trying the 'net' in the hope that some of these cards found their way abroad and examples may still exist. I have successfully made colour photocopies of some safety cards for my collection and would be prepared to pay for colour photocopies of others if any safety card collectors have just a single copy and are willing to share it in this way. Do any of you have early Australian safety cards that might help expand my collection? Thanks in anticipation,
Fabian Schuetz
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RE: Early Australian Safetycards

Sun Dec 05, 1999 10:05 am

Hi !

I do have two different Compass MD-82/83 safetycards in my collection. Both are SAS-format (laminated folders), one has a small grey logo on cover the second a larger blue logo.
Please let me know how I can help you !?


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