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Which Is The Best: Airdisasters Vol.1,2,3 ?

Fri Dec 10, 1999 4:02 am

Hi !

I was wondering which book of the Airdisasters series is the best: vol.1,2, or 3 ? I would prefer the volume which is about modern airliners like the B757, B744, Airbuses,...(3rd generation aircrafts)
Can you tell me if these books have photos inside and if they explain the technical causes of the crashes ?
Thanks in advance,
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RE: Which Is The Best: Airdisasters Vol.1,2,3 ?

Fri Dec 10, 1999 4:49 am

I have the whole series of Air Disasters.
For me most interesting book is Vol.1 There is lots of stuff about old planes and crashes starting in the early age of jet aircraft. Best chapter is about Comet 4!!! Thats my favorite one.
If you want read about Airbuses get Air Disaster Vol.3 75% accidents in this book are about Airbus aircraft.
But dont pick Vol.1 over Vol.2 or Vol.3
Get ALL 3 books. I'm telling you, those are the best books about air crashes!!!

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RE: Which Is The Best: Airdisasters Vol.1,2,3 ?

Tue Dec 14, 1999 6:16 am

I have all 3 of these books too, very well worth the money. They have very technical descriptions of each crash and the causes, with cockpit voice transcripts. The most outstanding feature are some of the diagrams documenting the destruction of the airframe, particularly in Vol.1 the BOAC 707 at Mt. Fuji and Vol 2 (or was it 3) with the Lauda 767 in Thailand - very graphic imagery of how the airplanes broke up in flight and really makes you aware of the horrible circumstances in which the passengers lost their lives.

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