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Help Me With A VA Name

Sun Dec 26, 1999 8:53 am

Look I'm going to be blunt.... I need some ideas to get a name for a VA. Before you respond, if i like your suggestion, I will E-mail you and ask for permission to use that name. Please leave your E-mail address in case I decide to use it. This airline is almost ready to start. It's based in Newark, and will have passenger services all over the US. I have a few names in mind, but I won't mention them.
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RE: Help Me With A VA Name

Mon Dec 27, 1999 11:42 am

jeez, that's a realy toughy!well, your user name is forntierman, so maybeFrontier Airways???? i think thats original.... orTrans American Airline??? i dont know if that is used yet by a major airline or not...Freedom Airways???Costal Airways???Promise Airline???Park Airways???States Airways???or as a last Airways???well, i dont know if these helped, but i just threw our some
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RE: Help Me With A VA Name

Mon Dec 27, 1999 5:39 pm

I was thinking since it's based in Newark it could be "NewAir" or "NewAirLink". If not that, how about "New-Ark Airlines"? Ryan

RE: Help Me With A VA Name

Tue Dec 28, 1999 12:24 am

How about Americair, or is that already being used?
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RE: Help Me With A VA Name

Tue Dec 28, 1999 1:26 am


What about

Trans American Express
Air America
States Express
NEA (Newark Express Airlines)
Atlantic Continental Airways
USA (United States Airways)

I suppose some of these are a bit stupid really but i hope they help


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RE: Help Me With A VA Name

Wed Dec 29, 1999 4:43 am

Hi All! Great names! I think this is the post im supposed to reply to! Sounds alot like the right VA! Ok, as president of the VA in discussion, I think some of these names are good...others im not too fond of! but thats ok! your helping us pick out a name! first off, i dont want to be a real world airline. Second, NEA is already being used, by North American Executive Airlines, who is painting our planes...I have a few that i like, Riviera Virtual Airlines, Breezeway Virtual Airines, Liberty Jet, Tycoon Airlines and Patriot Virtual Airlines. Oh yes, our hub may be moved from Newark to Washington undecided on that. anyways! thanks for replies, even though this isnt my topic! tell me what you think of the names not saying those are the only ones im thinking of using, im just putting them out here in addition to the ones youve stated!
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