Airline Simulator 2

Mon Dec 27, 1999 3:23 pm

I recieved Airline Simulator 2 for christmas and I just want to say that it kicks ass. It comes with ATC, GPWS, TCAS, FMC, and Autoland on the MD-83. Does anyone else have this sim. What's your reaction to this sim?
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It Sux

Tue Dec 28, 1999 9:27 pm

AS2 sux b'coz:

scenery dosen't look good
aircraft doesn't look real

and no where near FLy or Fs2000.

enough said


Wed Dec 29, 1999 3:43 am

Who cares aobut the scenery. The actual flying part is good i think. The flying aspects are a lot better than FLY! and FS2000. The ATC is better in AS2 than FLY and FS2000. Also, FS2000 and FLY dont have working FMCs. The graphics may not be good, but who cares, the flying aspects kick ass.

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