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Southwest Safety Cards

Sun Jan 16, 2000 8:55 am


Has anyone received any safety cards from southwest airlines. If so how did you contact them.

I contacted them by fax a few weeks ago and they sent a postcard, information booklet and some stickers. I though I'd try again for safety cards and hopefully get a 737-700.


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RE: Southwest Safety Cards

Sun Jan 16, 2000 11:22 pm

I wrote them a "real" letter like 3 months ago, no answer. Probably time to write them again.

RE: Craig And Dazed767

Mon Jan 17, 2000 6:52 pm


I recieved a huge package from them the other day, and I mean HUGE!!!


They didn't send you any safety cards? They sent me two. They also sent me a personalized letter and posters, postcards, and A LOT of other stuff. I also got this one other thing that I'm not suppose to mention. It was specially from Herb. Sorry, but I promised to keep my mouth shut.


Wait maybe three more weeks. If they don't reply, then try again. I also sent them a letter by regular mail and it took them quite a while to respond. Just be patient and they'll come around. I was patient and look at what I got... But hope you get yours soon too  

See ya' all Layter....
-WiL SW737 (and I didn't make my user name this way because they sent me a lot of things, I just like the airline) 

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