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Sat Feb 05, 2000 2:11 pm

Ok I read some of your opinions on Fs2000 and i want to get it but all I have is one question does it have a copilot view you know you could be the captian or the co-pilot.

RE: FS2000

Sat Feb 05, 2000 11:39 pm

If you are reffering to the pilot vs. co-pilot view option, that is possible to be changed by intallsation of new flight panels.

Currently, there is a very good FO panel for 737-400 series, and it is boundeled with Virgin Express and Southwest airplanes (freeware, you may find it on or data library.

If you're reffering to co-pilot operations and procedures, I am not sure if that is possible.

You may compile advantures with APLCC utility that would automatize co-pilot's actions based on interaction with virtual ATC (within adventure).

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RE: FS2000

Thu Feb 10, 2000 10:43 am

You are in luck USAir if you can stand the rumble of two radials throwing three bladed props around. Look for R4D dual panel package by Bill Rambow and Roy Chaffin. It is based on a Navy version of the C-47 and is the finest panel I have seen. Annnnnd all the switches, knobs, dials & stuff work. An excellent manual! Fly from either the left or right seat or pop back and forth with the click of the mouse. The aircraft has drop down boarding ladder on engine shutdown and even red safety streamers on the control surfaces.

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FS2000 Help

Tue Feb 15, 2000 7:20 am

When I enter FS2000, It keeps flashing in all these different views and I cannot get it to stop. Any help.

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