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Aer Lingus

Wed Feb 16, 2000 10:00 am

Did any one get stuf from Aer Lingus?

How long did it take?

I have asked them but I don't have anything right now.

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RE: Aer Lingus

Mon Mar 06, 2000 5:59 am

Years ago (1960's !!!!) I wrote to Aer Lingus for "stuff". They sent me a set of black & white photos of their most important types up to that time (DH84. DC-3, F-27, Viscount 808, 707-348C,720 - 048,737-248,1-11 208 and an artist's impression of the forthcoming 747-148). I still have these. I also have three 1960's wall charts oproduced by Aer Lingus for school use - one on weather and the other two being a cutaway of the 720 and a cutaway of the 1-11. I tried my luck again in 1971 but they told me that they were updating their material and I should try again in the near future. I did, in 1974, and got the same answer. As far as I am aware, nothing of a similar nature has ever been produced by Aer Lingus since. They also produced, in the 60's, a set of small leaflets on the three Irish airports they served, Dublin, Cork and Shannon.
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RE: Aer Lingus

Mon Mar 06, 2000 9:06 am

I just got 5 safety cards from them.
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RE: Aer Lingus

Thu Mar 09, 2000 3:02 am

I just got the whole fleet from them!

By the way the safety cards off air lingus is the most beauty full i have seen so far...
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