Painters Needed For Apsony

Wed Feb 16, 2000 11:14 am


I have recently opened a company, APSONY. It is a paint facility that will be painting planes, for other Virtual airlines. If you decide to join us, send me an email. I will send my maybe three or four planes to paint a month, that I will require for you to finish. I will hire anyone who can actually paint planes for virtual airline. Please, if you think you are good for this position, please e-mail me automatically. I need some painters (3 or 4) which I cannot seem to find. If you know anyone, who know how to paint planes, please let them know about APSONY. Please think about this position. I will not make you do a lot if you cant. You may paint at your own pace. Thank You, and I hope you are interested in APSONY!!

Simon Zmijewski
President/CEO Of APSONY
Airline Paint Schemes Of New York

RE: Painters Needed For Apsony

Wed Feb 16, 2000 3:12 pm

These would be for MSFS? Because I can paint for X-Plane version.


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