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What Is A "release Time" And A "wheels Up Time" ?

Tue Feb 22, 2000 9:15 am

What exactly is a wheels up time and a release time. I can kinda guess what a wheels up time is. What are these times used for? Thanks
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RE: What Is A "release Time" And A "wheels Up Time"

Fri Feb 25, 2000 8:52 pm

I guess your talking about, 'off blocks time' this is the time that the chocks are removed from the aircraft and it starts to push back from the gate. This is called into the control centre by the aircraft dispatcher, and is used to say whether the flight left on time or not. The fact that it spent the next 30 minutes sitting on the taxi way is immaterial to the dispatcher.
As for wheels up time, never heard it been recorded, although all these sort of things are now recorded by the onboard computer so it may be noted by the airlines.
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RE: What Is A

Sat Feb 26, 2000 9:31 am

release time is the time air traffic control gives to an aircraft that has filed an IFR flight plan. the aircraft has 30 mins. from this time to become airborne, or they have to refile. this is to maintain sequencing between similar flight plans. wheels up time is exactly that

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